Reimer Ranching Supplies

The Business

Reimer Ranching Supplies is a family owned business specializing in trailer sales, hay sales, and quality quarter horses.  Andy and Deanna are the husband and wife team behind the business, and it’s been such a neat process learning about their business, and hearing their clients’ raving reviews of how trustworthy and friendly their services are.

Photo of Andy and Deanna Reimer

The Project

Our work with Reimer Ranching started really naturally – there was no “official” business meeting, we just started by sharing about our business and why we love what we do.  As we talked about creating websites that ‘just work’, Deanna told us to have a look at theirs, which was causing them a bit of grief.  We did a free website audit and began to understand some of the problems they were having.

  • Slow loading time was a big issue, as in our small rural town, most people are struggling to get fast enough Internet.  This was a specific target point with Reimer Ranching, as their market tends to be those who live rurally, where high speed is not always available.   
  • Having an easy to use client management system was a priority, as well, as Deanna updates their site regularly to reflect in stock trailers.
  • Finally, Andy and Deanna expressed how they needed a simple but attractive and modern website to showcase their trailer sales.  With more and more prospective customers checking online for dealers, they talked about building a site that people could easily find, navigate, and check out multiple photos of the trailers and other services they offer.

After talking and setting up a proposal, we got to work on the site.  First, we had Andy and Deanna complete a questionnaire that helps us to understand their business and the direction they want it to go.  When we understand how you want your brand to be perceived, it ensures we’re on the right page early on.

The Design

A Mock Up of some of the features that could be included in their revised website.  This is to help develop a feel for the colors and style that can be used once the website is being built.

Next, based on what they wrote, we worked on the design of the site.  We tried a few different colour palettes, and Andy and Deanna settled on a deep, strong blue, to go with their black and white logo.  Because they came to us with an established logo, we worked on building a design around staying consistent with what they already have.

After the color scheme, fonts and overall style was established, we set to work on the layout of the site.  We showed them a few demo pages so they could get an idea of how things feel and what the end product could look like.

The Function

Over the next few weeks, we worked from a site that was hard to navigate, to one that displayed all of the details of their business services easily without feeling too cluttered.  We tweaked things here and there to turn the site into the one they had envisioned from the start.

One of their priorities was to encourage customers to call them for more details, rather than just facilitating online sales.  Instead of creating an online store for them, we made more of a custom “Catalogue” of all their inventory, that can be updated as products are sold, but provides lots of information for potential buyers to see what might be the best trailer for their needs.

We made lots of buttons that lead the customer to Reimer Ranching’s contact information so that Andy and Deanna can establish a direct connection with their prospective customers.

We also built in a section about Andy and Deanna themselves – most business owners don’t want to feature themselves on their websites, but it is a crucial part of building customer trust.  One thing that the Reimer’s clients told us over and over again was how friendly and helpful their service was, and how they frequently referred their friends to their business.  When seeing a face on a website, a connection is formed, and a potential customer are so much more likely to pick up the phone and call to learn more. 

The Results

Now hosts a variety of photos, information in a clean, user-friendly format for potential customers to find online.  This site has lots of room to grow with the Reimer’s inventory, and can serve to show their clients how the Reimer’s are ready to help with all their agricultural needs.  In their feedback post project, the Reimer’s kindly said the following;

Absolute pleasure working with Katie and Roei on this project. Our original web site was working, but the new one is much more user friendly, and we are able to include so much more info on the individual trailers.

Andy and Deanna Reimer, Reimer Ranching Supplies

We learned so much about the Reimer’s business and industry through this process – one of our favourite parts of this work is that we get to hear about what makes each business owner tick and what they love about their business.  We’ve also noted how well we can categorize trailers now – a skill neither of us possessed prior to this project.  🙂  It was a real pleasure to translate Andy and Deanna’s passion for friendly service and quality work into a website that can lead customer interest into sales.  Thank you, Reimer Ranching Supplies!

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