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Informative.  Welcoming.  Professional.

When we asked Maggie of Remedy Rebuild how she wanted her business to be perceived, these were some of the words she came up with.

The Client

Remedy Rebuild is a small business run by Magdalena Saito, who is kind of a holistic health Jane-of-all-Trades. Her “About” page on the new website is full of her many years of training in many areas – as an herbalist, holistic health practitioner, and even in Darkfield Microscopy, analysing live blood cells via microscope.

The Project

Maggie came to us looking for a fresh, new, finished site. This is something we see all the time – clients find an online web company where they can DIY their website. But once the cursor is blinking on the page, it’s hard to figure out what to fill your new website with, and it’s also hard to find the time to do it! It’s always a fantastic feeling to chat with these clients, because we know how relieved they will feel to get their new website back – organized, attractive and ready work for them.

We always start with a detailed consultation with our potential clients, ensuring that we understand what their goals are for the project, so we can present relevant solutions.  Once we chatted with Maggie, we drew together our recommendations for the site layout and design, and got to work!

The Design

Maggie already had a neat logo she designed, and I knew we wanted to feature it prominently in her design.

After hearing she wanted a website that could reflect both her wide range of education, and her business’ at-home feel, we decided to pull together the clinical feel with the homey herbs for her design.

We decided on a sleek dark royal blue and rich red framed with white for the website’s overall palette.

Because of the nature of working with individual clientele, Remedy Rebuild was a prime website to take advantage of stock photography to get the look we needed. We took time to source quality photos that really helped the flow of the site.

The Function

Part of what sets us apart as a business is how we work closely with our clients to help compile, organise, and arrange the text and photos that go on your new website.  Particularly if you have a large site, keeping the content concise and organised is crucial to keeping the project moving along, and building a site that has just enough information on it, but not too much.

We also offer copywriting (text content creation) services if clients are uncomfortable with writing a site – it is a TON of work to pull all this together! Maggie had already done a lot of this work while writing brochures, so we just helped to organise and present it well.

We also worked with Maggie to build a appointment request form. This can really help for appointment based businesses, as it can collect all the information you need from clients before they even walk in the door, saving you time on the phone, and during appointments.

The Results

Remedy Rebuild now has a modern, easily accessible site, fully responsive to computers, tablets, and mobile devices. 

 It was our pleasure to work with Maggie – we really believe in the services she offers and hope to continue to work with more holistic health practitioners in the future!

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