Vanderhoof Health and Fitness

Athletic. Clean. Accessible.

These are three of the ways that Vanderhoof Health and Fitness told us they wanted their business to be perceived through their new website.  

The Business

Vanderhoof Health & Fitness (VHF) is a community-based gym in Vanderhoof, British Columbia.   Through conversations, we have heard how Ray and Steph are passionate about providing a space for the people of Vanderhoof to reach their goals and succeed in their health.  Full disclosure – Raymond and Stephanie are not only good friends of ours, but Roei also works for them part time as well.  That said, even before Roei worked there, their vision for what the gym can be for the community is really inspiring.  Ray and Steph are relatively young business owners in Vanderhoof – but the service they have been providing the community is amazing, and they knew they needed to get the news out online!




Vanderhoof Health and Fitness is the only gym facility in Vanderhoof, offering 24/7 card lock access to the gym, which includes two weight rooms, a women’s only workout room, squash court, and change rooms with showers. Some of the priorities that are obvious is how they strive to provide a clean and accessible space with an energetic and welcoming atmosphere.

The Project

Raymond and Stephanie had purchased a domain a while ago, and knew they needed to get a site online, but were struggling to find the time to figure out how to get it going.  Their domain was sitting waiting for them to use, which is a really common situation among our clients, and they just needed some design and organization to get their site up and running.

Some of the things they mentioned as priorities were:

  • An online resource of information about the gym that answers their most frequently asked questions, such as “What are your hours?”, “How much is a membership?”, and “What is involved in personal training?”
  • A space to showcase the full range of services and products they offer, including memberships, personal training sessions, and supplements and apparel.
  • A website they can grow into as a business, with the desire to add an event calendar in the future that can show what’s coming up at the gym.

After setting up a proposal and the project dates, we got to work on setting up the design. 

The Design

A Mock Up of the direction we wanted to take Vanderhoof Health and Fitness’ new site.  Mockups are rough and experimental, almost like a sketch that help everyone to visualize what we’re aiming for and make sure we’re on the same page.

Based on some previous work we have done with VHF (more on that at a later date!), we already had a strong sense of the direction their design would go.  Bold reds and blacks, with clean whites, angular features and lots of translucent overlays.

Ray and Steph have a fantastic logo that we worked with and alongside to create the feel for the site.  When we have strong branding going into a project, it makes it easy to have solid, consistent results.

Roei took almost all of the photographs you see on the new website – from the header and footer backgrounds, to the About photos of the Reimers and the gym.  We love being able to do this, as it gives an even greater feeling of ‘owning’ your website once it’s done.  No stock photos here!

After setting up some rough mockup pages for them to see, we showed them a few demo pages so they could get a feel for how the end website would look.

The Function

Over the next few weeks, we set up the back end, inserting all the information that Ray and Stephanie had collected for us about their business, and getting it ready for them to approve.  

We decided in order to use the space optimally, we wanted several sections on the main page, each dedicated to another section of the site.  Some impatient users won’t make it past the first page, so we decided to give them as much information about the business as we could right there.  Each section links to another page with additional info.

We also included answers to the FAQ that the gym always receives in an easily accessible spot – the website Footer.  That way, a reader doesn’t even need to click away to learn about those questions, they can find it all in one place.

The Results is a clean, user-friendly space giving potential and current customers all the information they need to make purchases, and learn about the business.  Raymond and Stephanie have an easy to use platform that means they can update things as they need to, and a site that is consistent with their existing branding and style. 

Upon finishing the project, Raymond and Stephanie told us:

We are very excited with our new website. Stanley Creative Company captured the feel and look we were hoping to achieve!
The project was broken down in easy, accomplishable steps. We felt that things were explained to us well and that anything we needed clarity on was answered quickly. We were pleased with the clarity and guidance we received.

Raymond and Stephanie Reimer, Vanderhoof Health and Fitness

Thank you both so much, Raymond and Stephanie!  We are thrilled to have had the chance to build your site, and are excited to hear how it fuels your business to new heights in the future.

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