Quality logo designs that communicates vision.

not just anyone's brand, but yours.

Branding by Stanley Creative Company

we create bold branding that helps you stand apart.

Your business feels solid with the numbers, the game plan, and the mission – it’s catching the perfect customers with your visuals that’s eluding you.  You want to feel confident you’re putting your best foot forward with your business, not feeling like you’re compensating for your business’ appearance to gain customers.

You Know what it feels like:

  • Maybe your website is falling apart because it lacks a cohesive design.  It’s a mess of colors and images and just doesn’t look like you at all.
  • You’re feeling unsure of how to choose colors and fonts to represent business in your outgoing documents. You’ve looked at different ideas online, but have no idea on how to pull them together.
  • You’re worried your ideal client is being turned away by your logo and graphics that are outdated and misleading.

Your new brand identity is just around the corner...

With all of the spark and creativity needed to show your dream customers why they should work with you.

  • You're putting your business’ best foot forward upon introduction.
  • You start getting more clicks on social media because you’re giving the right vibes.
  • You feel proud to showcase your updated logo and what you’ve created and become.
Website Design by Stanley Creative Company

Stanley Creative Company builds attractive, custom brand identities and logos for busy entrepreneurs.

Stanley Creative Company is passionate about creating brands that connect and engage.  We’re not just talking about a logo, but how all of your visuals can holistically reflect the quality that you’ve worked so hard to build up in your business.  We are all about channeling the true roots of your business into a full brand that represents your business with class.

building a brand with us includes:

A professional timeline

with agreed upon milestones and a set end date (and there’s no chasing a designer to make that happen)

An In-depth Consultation

using both conversations and questionnaires to help you define your brand and leave with visuals that inspire you and your customers

3 Revisions

of your designs, carrying through from initial concept drafts and mood boards to final finished graphics, so you know you’ll love the end product

Your BRand's new Logo PLUS

but also coordinating colour Palette/Scheme Inspiration, and Fonts, giving you visual consistency across your all of your platforms.

3 Collateral Design Pieces

of your choice (Business Cards, Letterhead, Social Media Images, etc), so you can start seeing your new identity in action

Not to mention:

Your Final Files

Full rights to your final files - you are the owner of your designs, and you can use them how you see fit!

Training and Guides

A guide on how to put your Brand elements to work for you, leaving you confident to use them to their greatest potential

No more getting lost in the branding process...

We walk you through each step to ensure your project is finished in a timely manner


Each potential project starts with a consultation. We want to hear all about you and your business - where it is now, and where you want to take it. This helps us know exactly how to move forward, and what services would be of most use to you.


We love hearing the ins and outs of why you started your business so we can make a logo that beams with your business’ personality. We take time to hear from you, and ask lots of questions so we can cut straight to what you’re all about.


Once we’ve learned about what makes you tick, we get to work designing. We pull together inspiration to guide the artistic process, and start finding your new look. From the initial drawings to the final design, we have multiple revision cycles to make sure you love your new brand.

Your Finished Product

When you walk away, you walk away with it all - the complete files to your design and the rights to use them as you see fit! No more being held hostage by designers. We also include Brand Guide training so you learn the basics on how to use your new color palette and design files well.

We were blown away by not only their professionalism, but also in their outstanding communication and creative abilities! We are thrilled with our new site and highly recommend Stanley Creative to any organization or business that desires professional results!
Happy customers
Shaun Wick
The Gospel Chapel
Website Design by Stanley Creative Company


Brand Identity Styling Packages

start at $1,000 CAD.

Now booking for the remaining 8 available branding project of 2019.

Branding by Stanley Creative Company

Own a cohesive, new brand to expand your business, based on what truly represents you.

Click below to introduce yourself and bring us up to speed on what you’re looking for.  Once you connect, we’ll schedule a complimentary consultation to learn all about your brand and talk solutions.  

Who is Stanley Creative Company?

We’re Roei and Katie Stanley, and we love collaborating with business owners looking to level up their online game.

Stanley Creative Company was born out of a desire to see businesses feel empowered and enjoying what their online presence can do for them, instead of hindered and frustrated by what it’s not.

We know you’ve got a lot going on, and are feeling spent trying to do it all. We love seeing business owners walk away from their site feeling on top of their game and finding those perfect customers.

Stanley Creative Company


No problem!  In fact, in some cases, this can work to your advantage, as it’s easier to start from scratch than working to remodel something that isn’t working.  We will walk you through from start to finish, with all the guidance you need, and leaving you with what you’re business needs engage new clients.

We pride ourselves on sitting down with our mum’s to help them figure out Facebook and YouTube issues.  What we’re saying is, we strive to educate you so well during the process that you walk away ready to teach someone else.  During consultations, we always take time to hear what your tech fears are, and let you know what we think your best approach would be.  

Our prices our built off the volume of value we pour into our projects.  After hearing story after story of designers finishing projects without consultation or conversations, it became a primary goal of our company to change that narrative.  Because of the time, effort, and strategy involved in each project we take, yes, it’s going to cost more than you would pay your niece in high school to throw something together.  But you will also walk away with so much more than that.

That said, we know not everyone can spring these prices when starting out.  We always offer a complimentary consultation to hear what your vision and goals are.  We do offer different payment plan options depending on the needs of your site and the timeline of the project.  If you have a specific budget, please let us know about it in our meeting so we can draw up services to suit your finances.

Simply Put:  You’ll notice successful businesses and corperations put a lot of weight into their branding/logo design, and they are updated every few years to ensure the look stays modern, yet consistent.  Why should you do this too?

  1. It represents your business. You want to make a great first impression with potential clients – enough to turn their heads towards instead of away from you.  Find the clients you want, and keep them with graphics that engage them.
  2. Consistency builds trust.  When a client consciously or unconsciously takes in your brand, they recognize consistency.  If it is scattered and not cohesive, you lose the opportunity to show your customer the value and trustworthiness of the quality products you’ve built your company to offer.
  3. Your competition knows this is important.  The investment put into this now sets the precedence for the future of your company’s visuals – you may offer a similar product to a competitor, but the atmosphere you create can set you apart.

We’d love to talk!  Feel free to shoot us a message with our Project Inquiry Form, or to send us a general email at stanleycreativeco [at] gmail.com.  Talk to you soon!

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