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with your advertising.

Find results and clarity with Digital Advertising Strategy.

We hear the same digital advertising questions all the time...

You’ve paid for print, and even a few digital ads, but have seen no results (not that you can tell, anyways.)  The analytics page tells you what has been happening, but you can’t figure out the whys – Why are my client’s clicking this ad, but not that one? 

  • You’re tired of expending more and more energy (and cash) on ads to see little to no results. Maybe there’s no point?
  • You’ve got services or products to offer, but you know you’re not reaching your audience the way you could. And you keep hearing others talk about how Facebook just works awesome for them.
  • Working with Social Media accounts just leaves you feeling confused and frustrated. You’re worried about throwing more money at ads that won’t ever convert into sales.

Digital Advertising doesn’t have to be painful…

And, done right, can yield fantastic results!

  • Confident because your posts are exactly what you need them to be - the images, text and links.
  • Relieved that the money you’re spending on advertising is getting you tangible results.
  • Thrilled that you are gaining traction with the customers that matter most to you, instead of a dart toss into the World Wide Web.
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Digital Advertising Strategy with Stanley Creative Company can help your business engage the clients you’ve been looking for.

We take the time to know your business and offerings so you can be confident your ads reflect what your customers are looking for online, and get back to running your business like you want to.   

Every Digital Ad Campaign is Unique, Just like You.

we offer:

Email Marketing Set Up

Need to keep your community up to date? 72% people prefer to receive promotional content through email - why not sell where people want to buy? We can set up a system, and train you so your emails are most effective.​

Online Giveaway Training

Hosting a Giveaway may seem simple, but there are a few hoops to jump through. Let us organize the nitty-gritty details so you reach a greater audience while showcasing your products.

Social Media Content Creation

Have a hard time deciding what to post? Let’s talk Content Calendars, where we help you brainstorm what your business needs to talk about to grow your customer base.

Strategy Coaching Sessions

Just need a Social Media pep talk? We can offer you the strategy coaching sessions with tips and tricks for you to carry out yourself, on your time.

Personalized Graphics + Photos

Images account for 75-90% of Facebook Ad performance - make sure yours count! We create custom content for you, so your ads look attractive.

Social Media Crash Courses

Need someone to hold your hand through the basics? We pride ourselves on helping our mum’s with their techno struggles. We can teach you so you feel capable being the captain of your accounts.

No more getting lost in the digital ad process...

We walk you through each step to ensure your project is finished in a timely manner


We want to hear all about you and your business - where it is now, and where you want to take it. This helps us know exactly how to move forward, and what services would be of most use to you.


Here’s where we brainstorm with you - we create custom tools and resources for your business to take work off of your plate, and create advertisements that give you results. No two campaigns are alike - because your business is unique!

Training and Launch

Let’s get your advertising scheduled! Once strategy development is complete, we get you trained so you understand the basics of your social media accounts, and get excited for connecting with your clients!

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Prices and Timelines depend on requested services

Book a consultation to learn more!

We only take 12 Digital Ad Strategy clients per year.

Stamp out Advertising Overwhelm and Start Connecting with Customers Online!

Click below to introduce yourself and bring us up to speed on what you’re looking for.  Once you connect, we’ll schedule a complimentary consultation to learn all about your business and talk solutions.

Who is Stanley Creative Company?

We’re Roei and Katie Stanley, and we love collaborating with business owners looking to level up their online game.

Stanley Creative Company was born out of a desire to see businesses feel empowered and enjoying what their online presence can do for them, instead of hindered and frustrated by what it’s not.

We know you’ve got a lot going on, and are feeling spent trying to do it all. We love seeing business owners walk away from their site feeling on top of their game and finding those perfect customers.

Stanley Creative Company


No problem!  In fact, in some cases, this can work to your advantage, as it’s easier to start from scratch than working to remodel something that isn’t working.  We will walk you through from start to finish, with all the guidance you need, and leaving you with what you’re business needs engage new clients.

We pride ourselves on sitting down with our mum’s to help them figure out Facebook and YouTube issues.  What we’re saying is, we strive to educate you so well during the process that you walk away ready to teach someone else.  During consultations, we always take time to hear what your tech fears are, and let you know what we think your best approach would be.  

Our prices our built off the volume of value we pour into our projects.  After hearing story after story of designers finishing projects without consultation or conversations, it became a primary goal of our company to change that narrative.  Because of the time, effort, and strategy involved in each project we take, yes, it’s going to cost more than you would pay your niece in high school to throw something together.  But you will also walk away with so much more than that.

That said, we know not everyone can spring these prices when starting out.  We always offer a complimentary consultation to hear what your vision and goals are.  We do offer different payment plan options depending on the needs of your site and the timeline of the project.  If you have a specific budget, please let us know about it in our meeting so we can draw up services to suit your finances.

We’d love to talk!  Feel free to shoot us a message with our Project Inquiry Form, or to send us a general email at stanleycreativeco [at]  Talk to you soon!

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