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Leeward Lark Bookkeeping’s Brand Styling Project


Check out our newest brand created:

for Leeward Lark Bookkeeping!

Happy. Carefree. Set for Success. 

These are three of the ways that Lory told us she wanted her brand new bookkeeping business to be perceived through her new branding.  

The Business

Lory came to me telling me all about her new bookkeeping business she decided to set up for herself.  She knew she needed a logo to use to promote herself and to place in her website she is creating.  We started brainstorming together to find how we could make her vision come to life!


The Project

Leeward Lark Bookkeeping is built around the idea of freeing up business owners to do the work they love by taking care of the details for them.  Lory had several great ideas right from the start, wanting to use a bird to show the idea of “breaking free” of the day-to-day paperwork and accomplishing goals.  
She also knew she wanted to play off a bit of a nautical theme, with worn-edges and a vintage flair.  


The Design

With these thoughts in mind, I set to work.  I knew from the start I wanted to create designs that appeared as if they had been stamped.  I developed three different concepts to show Lory, each playing off the ideas she had given me earlier. 



Lory came back saying she loved Concept 3, but was hoping to incorporate a circle/stamp effect into it as well.  I developed this design, which was the final choice!

Branding by Stanley Creative Company

The Function

We don’t stop branding with a logo, though.  My goal is to make sure you have everything you need to carry you through from a blank slate, to feeling like your colours, style, and vibes are well established.  Lory talked about wanting to use a blue, navy and white colour palette, with a mustard yellow for accent.  This worked beautifully with the logo created.


I also created 3 alternate logos, or ‘submarks’ which can be used in various situations when a full logo would be redundant, or the wrong shape.  Again, playing off of the stamped look, I think these would look terrific on the back of a business card underneath the name, or on the bottom of letterhead!  The possibilities are endless!


The Results


It’s such a fantastic feeling to hear a client’s relief and excitement when they see the designs coming to life!  Here’s a bit of what Lory said while we were developing her brand:




I totally love how you captured the feel of what I had described earlier with the pictures I sent and my crazy drawings. I feel like you really caught my vision and I am super impressed by that!

Lory Persaud, Leeward Lark Bookkeeping


Thank you so much, Lory!  It was so fun helping to establish the foundations of what I know will be a successful business for you.  Your design aesthetic and strong vision made this project so fun and rewarding!  All the best in your business endeavours ahead!


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