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Advocacy. Support. Strength.

These are three words that Omineca Safe Home Society gave us while describing the services they offer women and children in the communities of the Nechako Valley.

The Organization

Omineca Safe Home Society’s mission is to have a safe, violence-free society for women and their children.  They offer a variety of services to the surrounding communities, such as free advice and counselling on options for women who have experienced sexual assault, violence in relationships, or trauma, free outreach services, such as referral for legal or financial support.  They also provide a 24 hour Transition home for women and their children leaving abusive situations.   

The Project

When Omineca Safe Home Society reached out Facebook for someone to build their new website, we were happy to respond!  After emailing back and forth with the staff from OSHS, we learned that they were looking to redevelop their website which had been previously lost while transferring services to another provider.  OSHS already has their own logo and colours, but they needed some “Techie Help” to get their website up and ready for people to find.  

We had a good consultation with two of the staff, talking about what their goals and objectives were for their project, as well as their timeline and how a new website could serve both their organization and the women searching for it online. After our meeting, we submitted a proposal for the board to review, from which they decided to go with a new website package.

The Design

After more conversations about the goals and purposes of the site, we started drawing up the main page concept for OSHS.  The staff had a few suggestions, but mostly wanted to leave the design up to us.  I prepared a main page concept for them to approve, and heard back this response:

I knew you would do a great job, and you totally nailed it. Brilliant.

OSHS Staff Member responding to our preliminary page concept

After the concept was approved, we continued assisting OSHS in compiling all of the information needed to fill out the website.  A great tool for the collecting the text

Included in OSHS contract was the sourcing of stock photography needed to add depth to the user experience of the website.  Because of the delicate nature of protecting the safety of all of those involved, we knew the society was unlikely to have photos appropriate to publish on the site that would be both applicable, and protecting privacy off all involved.  We spent time sourcing images intended to empower women, as well as provide a calming environment, and safe environment.  We decided on many nature motifs, with a feminine flair, that show freedom through flying birds, as well as flowers demonstrating blossoming and growth.

The Function

More than anything, the website needed to serve as a source of information for those seeking help.  OSHS also mentioned the importance of other transition houses around the province searching for information and networking abilities, so we worked to make it accessible to all.

We built in a page for housing Job Posting opportunities, from which a PDF document could be downloaded.

We also included a Calendar of Events Pages that can be updated as needed with important dates and events that are coming up.  This helps to demonstrate that the Safe Home Society is active in the community, and that others are welcome to participate.

Once the site was set up, we contacted the company who was hosting the site, connected the domain to the Squarespace platform, and made their website live to the world!

The Results

I love walking into a training and handoff session, watching our clients looking tense about if they can handle their new website, and leaving the building with them laughing and at ease, knowing the website is now easy to access and maintain.

Read the review that the team at OSHS left on our Facebook page:

Excellent company to work with. They offer a very personalized approach to your individual needs for your website. Katie kept us updated with the progress every step of the way, and walked us through the running of our new website. Thank you from all at OSHS.

Omineca Safe Home Society

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